The choir highlights for 2023 involved these events.

It had been a very successful 2023 for the choir.







St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Colwyn Bay

On the 10th of December at the invitation of Father Vimal and the Parishioners of St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Colwyn Bay. With Quentin Bellamy at the organ for the communal carols we had a Christmas Concert in the very special setting and acoustically superb  Quentin was in his element at the console of the wonderful organ to make the carols very special. Thank you to all involved in organising the event.










St Catherine and St John the Babtist’s Church, Old Colwyn

Lastly but not least an opportunity to finish the year with a Christmas Concert in our home village of Colwyn. Traditionally for some years we have invited families and friends to our last rehearsal of the year. Originally in our rehearsal room but as the attendance grew bigger as the choir increased in size we were fortunate that St John’s Church in the village allowed us to hold it there. The first year the church was near to capacity and again each year following. Unfortunately it was not possible to take place in 2020 due to the restrictions in place due to Covid. So it was with some concern we planned the Christmas Concert on the 19th December. Thankfully it was possible and again with a very appreciative audience that joined us for a concert and carols. Admission was free with a voluntary donation taken for UNICEF and the church. We are very grateful to the Vicar the Rev. Gareth Erlandson and the community of the church for facilitating this event.