So if you would be interested in joining?

 Cannot Sing???

Everyone will have sung a tune in a moment of contentment, you will know yourself if you can hold a note.  If in company the feedback from whoever has heard you will be an indication if it is in tune. Most people will have sung in the usually good acoustic of their own bathroom. It might be the case that it is a snippet of a song you heard during the day. One or two lines then you drift into la.lal.las as you don’t know the words.

So just imagine if you knew a whole song and the joy of knowing you are singing in one of the four-part harmony of a male voice choir.

If you are an experienced chorister then you are like gold dust and you will already know the score (pun unintended)

 But if you are a raw recruit?

 There is no audition.

On arrival at our rehearsal you can sit in to listen or perhaps sit in within the choir. As there are four parts to the choir, 1st tenor, 2nd tenor, 1st bass and 2nd bass your voice range will fit into one of those sections.

Our Musical Director Owain Gethin Davies could if you wish check quietly to one side which section will fit your range, (He will not expect you to sing Nessa Dorma on your own).

It will take time to get into it if you have never sung in a choir before but that is part of the enjoyment. Rehearsal commences with a warm up session and voice production

 Commitment ??

Commitment is the other big concern of whoever discusses joining the choir. Obviously the aim is to make it the enjoyable experience that beckons you to each rehearsal.

However we are aware that other commitments you may have will prevent you from attending every rehearsal evening. For example shift work etc. but if the Musical Director is happy with your progress then he will not see it as an issue.

Prior to concerts or other events if there are more than a couple of missed rehearsals then the MD will discuss with you about being on stage.

 Once you have been accepted?

 The decision on whether you become a full member, a chorister, of the choir is made by the Musical Director.

 On acceptance then the cost to you?

 Subscription is £2 per week or £96 per year

The uniform is a plain black long sleeve shirt or a plain white long sleeve shirt. These ar worn with plain black trousers and a Cerise Pink plain tie. The tie is provided by the choir.

 For hygiene it is best if you provide your own shirt and trousers and they are yours to keep if ever you decide to leave the choir in the ‘distant’ future. The tie can be returned to the choir.

We also have a second uniform for the more formal functions of a black dress suit, dress shirt and Cerise pink bow tie. Or we could wear the plain black shirt with the bow tie. Most people prefer to have their own dress suit and shirt and the choir will provide the bow tie.

The choir can provide from its limited stock of such items rather than purchasing.

The choir closed 2021 with these events.

It had been a difficult year for the choir, firstly rehearsals and then the opportunity to perform to a live audience. There were a couple of wedding also private birthday parties all undertaken within covid regulations in place at the … Read More

Our Next Event a Celebration Concert 21st May St John’s Church Llandudno at 1pm

A Celebration Concert at St John’s Church Llandudno. Concert at 1pm on Saturday the 21st of MayThe Royal Welsh Military Band. Soloists Erin Rossington, Twm Tegid and Tomos Gwyn Bohana and the choir.  


The choir rehearses each Sunday and Wednesday evening between 7.30 pm and 9.00 pm at the Old Colwyn Community Centre behind the Plough Inn on the main street. If you have a genuine interest in choral singing then you are more than welcome to come along and meet us ... Read More