We managed a few events in 2021

We maintained Zoom rehearsals but as soon as regulations were relaxed on the 17th May to allow up to 15 to meet indoors we made plans. So on Wednesday the 19th we held our first sectional rehearsal. The 1st Bass section met in our usual meeting place whilst the other sections looked in on Zoom live feed. We rotated sections on two nights a week for a fortnight. Then the limit to meet indoors was raised to 30 so two sections could meet at each session. Our usual rehearsal room had a limit of 19 but we were fortunate to find a suitable venue at Rydalpenrhos School through a chorister, whose wife was teacher there. Soon the limit was raised allowing the whole choir to again meet weekly again at the Rydalpenrhos School we have accomodated us very well and to whom we are very grateful. Soon enquiries began to come to us and with strict adherance to the Welsh Government guidelines and regulations we could consider them. So we closed the year with our traditional last concert and carols at St John’s Church Old Colwyn, our home village, on Sunday the 19th December. Also undertaken prior where concerts in St Joseph’s Church Colwyn Bay and the newly refurbished St Grwst Church in Llanrwst. Also a couple of Birthday Parties and Weddings plus a Wedding Open Day at Rydalpenrhos.

We returned to rehearsals on the 12th of January 2022. Currently sectionals every Wednesday evening at 7:30. Due to the restrictions the Bass sections at 7:30 and the Tenor sections at 8:15. Held at Rydalpenrhos school with a suitable venue to accomodate the choir safely. Contact our secretary for details.