Technology Maintains Choir Rehearsals for Nearly 12 Months

Nessun Dorma being learnt

Tan y Castell being learnt

With the current Covid 19 conditions remaining and lockdowns nearing 12 months which has restricted choir activities, both live rehearsals and live events. In April 19 we turned to internet technology to continue rehearsals via Zoom. So from then until now, and until restrictions are eased. every Wednesday evenings between 7pm and 9pm we have sectional rehearsals helping us to learn new songs for when normality returns and once again we can return to performing. In the beginning the technology was alian to many of us but luckily within the choir we have some techno wizzkids who have patiently guided us through it. Numerous new songs have been introduced which can be fine tuned when live rehearsals resume. Thus a fresh new repertoire to entertain our audiences. Take care and we hope to see you soon.