Zoom Rehearsals for a Year but a Return to Live Have Begun

Nessun Dorma being learnt on Zoom

With Covid 19 conditions remaining and constraints exceeding 12 months which has restricted choir activities, both live rehearsals and live events. In April 19 we turned to internet technology to continue rehearsals via Zoom. Every Wednesday evenings between 7pm and 9pm we have had sectional Zoom rehearsals helping us to learn new songs and to maintain our current pre lockdown repertoire for the time when normality returned.

Our1st Bass section at the first live rehearsal of 2021

However live rehearsals were the goal and the planned restart for live rehearsals on Wednesday the 19th of May was achieved. Adherence to government restrictions were in place to ensure that the health and safety of our members were maintained. It was our 1st Bass section that were the first to attend. Every section is booked and is pleasing that the majority of the choir were keen to attend although we respected those that decided to wait for now. Having tasted Zoom and it’s benefits it still plays a part in choir activities as the sectional rehearsal is live online for the other sections to view.  Any potential new members are advised to contact us before attending. Take care and we hope to see you very soon.