The Choir returned in 2021

 As we look back as we must do, then there are mixed emotions for us all. The difficult times have been just that, some heartfelt losses that have been traumatic for the immediate families but also just as emotional to the extended choir family. Our thoughts are with them all at this time.

The choir has come thru the strangely unusual times that we have had since March 2020. There we were embarking on a journey with our new Musical Director Owain Gethin Davies then suddenly with two days notice that our planned event at the rugby would be our last for some time.  So it was a period of  rehearsing on Zoom, we got to know each others homes, the pictures on the walls, the Christmas decorations of a year ago. There were also those computer savvy members that could via backgrounds suggest they were on a desert island somewhere. Some of us found Zoom difficult but at least the computer, laptop. i-pad or phone became a lifeline to the outside world. In the beginning it was said that Covid will be something that we will have to live with and it seems we have to some extent. Sanitise, social distance and masks are still with us. 

We resumed live rehearals in May and the last six months, birthday parties, weddings and three concerts all undertaken within covid restrictions. Possibly the last one of the year in St John’s Church in Old Colwyn was the defining moment that Cor Meibion Colwyn was still singing and looking to the future.

To all our friends have an enjoyable Christmas, our planned return is January but of course as usual we will monitor the situation and possibly a later restart. For the choir 2022 is an important year as its our 50th anniversary, some good events already booked and we will post these soon. Plus as usual we anticipate other events, opportunities to come our way.

We can and will look forward to 2022.