A Planned Date to Resume Rehearsals post Covid

It has been a difficult time for all during this pandemic. Beyond the realms of the choral scene many have suffered hardships and sadness and our thoughts are with them. We see continual struggles worldwide and sympathise with them as they  try and deal with their situation. Here in the UK conditions are improving and the possibility to return to some form of normality but with continued awareness of what has to be done to keep safe

In line with government advice the officials of Colwyn Choir feel it is the right time to resume live rehearsals. Zoom has been useful in continuing choir activity but nothing equates to live interaction with fellow choristers and our Musical Team. Thus as per government projection we plan that rehearsals will resume no earlier than the 17th of May. Our usual rehearsal evening is a Wednesday which will be the 19th of May. Restrictions in numbers being able to meet will be in place and will be adhered to. Unfortunately live concerts to an audience will be some time away but we are considering other avenues. The emphasis for now is to be ready for that first opportunity.

Please observe all the advice given to protect yourself and others to avoid exposure to this virus. We can only hope for normality to return soon so that we can meet and entertain you safely again.

Please take care.