Rehearsals and Concerts Suspended but still we were on the Telly

The choir sing in the bride accompanied by the Groom and Best Man

Celebration Beer Brewed by the Conwy Brewery

The choir had the pleasure of being featured in a recent televised Welsh Language program called Priodas Pum Mil (the Five Thousand Pound Wedding). The program shows the planning and arranging a wedding for a cost under five thousand pounds. The choir was asked to sing whilst the bride walked down the ‘aisle’. So we managed to muster as many of the lads that were available to sing on what turned out to be a very wet and windy Saturday afternoon. We sang a specially composed song to the accompaniment of a harp. This song was written and taught to us by the couple’s friend Lisa Butler, who also helped arrange the wedding, and her daughter played the harp. Joining us to sing were the Groom and Best Man seen on the far right in the picture. This was a complete surprise for the bride, not just the choir but that her future husband was also singing. The wedding was filmed in the uniquely decorated setting of the Conwy Brewery. The brewery had brewed a special celebration beer, ‘Gwyl Dwy Galon’ (the Feast of Two Hearts) for the happy couple and their guests . Luckily there were some spare bottles for choir. We the choir wish the bride and groom, Marc and Manon, the very best wishes for the future.

The wedding can still be seen on S4C replay Clic. This program is the last of that current season.                         Note the program was filmed before the current conditions.